A few days after the announcement of Xiaomi Mix 4, information appeared about the exclusive version of the smartphone, which will be available to the “chosen ones”. On the morning of August 27, it will go on sale.

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What is this fruit?

Xiaomi has announced a special version of the flagship with an extended delivery package. In addition to the Xiaomi Mix 4 itself with a standard set of accessories, users receive the Three-Body Challenge novel, a souvenir and an aromatherapy kit.

Initially, it was reported that the JD store will select several people who will have the opportunity to purchase Xiaomi Mix 4. However, this nuance is not mentioned now. But the party is still limited to 500 models.

The smartphone is offered in the maximum configuration with 12 GB of RAM and a 512 GB drive. The exclusive edition cost $970, the same as the original edition.

Source: MyDrivers

Do you know that

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