Back in early July, a group of enthusiasts were able to install the Windows 11 operating system on the 2018 flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8. A month and a half later, they improved the operation of the operating system.

After installing Windows 11, the touch display and USB-C port stopped working on my phone. But during this time, specialists managed to eliminate a number of problems. In particular, they added support for the GPU, integrated power management and configured the wireless Wi-Fi adapter.

Enthusiasts are not yet planning to drop everything. They will continue to evolve and will fix the problem with the bluetooth driver and displaying x64 programs in the near future.

Please note that many smartphones released in 2018 support Windows 11, which are equipped with a 10nm Snapdragon 845 processor. In addition to Xiaomi Mi 8, you can install the operating system on, for example, Meizu 16, OnePlus 6, Xiaomi M Mix 3 , Pocophone F1 and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Source: ITHome

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