Counterpoint Research has announced changes to the smartphone market in China, which is the world’s largest mobile device. The leader in the first and second quarters was Vivo with a score of 24%.

In the second quarter, Vivo sold about 18.3 million smartphones in China, up from 14.1 million a year earlier. In second place in the ranking of top players is Oppo with a figure of about 21%. Xiaomi closes the top three, controlling 17% of the Chinese smartphone market.

These companies have benefited the most from Huawei, which has been hit hard by the tough sanctions imposed by the United States. If in the second quarter of last year this company controlled more than 30% of the Chinese smartphone market, then in the second quarter of this year its share fell to 8%. Judging by the published chart, Honor is slightly ahead of the former parent company Huawei.

Counterpoint Research believes that with the return of Honor and further strengthening of Xiaomi in offline channels, there will be fierce competition between Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Honor and Apple in the Chinese smartphone market in the coming days.