Xiaomi launched the Mi Care program in China in 2020 and now it looks like it is going to announce it in other regions as well.

What is known

Our colleagues from LetsGoDigital have noticed that the Chinese manufacturer has registered the Xiaomi Mi Care trademark in Costa Rica. Therefore, the manufacturer plans to launch the program in the US and Europe. Unfortunately, there are no exact dates for the announcement yet.

If you suddenly didn’t know

Xiaomi Mi Care is an analogue of Apple Care. That is, a comprehensive online after-sales service with an extended warranty. For an additional fee, users can insure their device. This insurance includes two free screen replacements per year, as well as an additional year of warranty (3 years instead of 2 years) and a discount coupon for replacing the device with another model after 12 months.

Recall that information appeared on the network that Xiaomi plans to get rid of the Mi brand in the name of its future devices.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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