There was information that Xiaomi decided to permanently eliminate the problem of incorrect operation of the proximity sensor in their smartphones. The task of this sensor is that it should turn off the screen of the smartphone during voice calls when you bring the device to your ear. This is done in order to avoid accidental clicks and the launch of various functions and applications during a call. In addition, during long conversations, this saves battery power.

However, this sensor does not work correctly in some Xiaomi smartphones, as frustrated users keep reporting. The company has finally listened to the complaints, stating that the main problem lies with the sensor itself. Therefore, it was decided to stop buying sensors from Elliptic Labs, which supplied these sensors for the latest Xiaomi models.

Minghao Sensing has been selected as the new supplier to take over the production and supply of sensors for Xiaomi smartphones. It is not yet known how soon Xiaomi will start installing proximity sensors from Minghao Sensing in their smartphones.

In addition to changing the supplier of the sensors themselves, the company also intends to improve the software so that this problem will forever disappear from the list of flaws in the company’s devices. When Xiaomi plans to release the corresponding update, there is also no information.