A model for those who want to get the most opportunities for the least money.

Redmi Buds 3 Pro was one of the first truly affordable Xiaomi headphones with active noise cancellation. These two features usually don’t play well together — there are often trade-offs and obvious downsides when used. Therefore, we began testing the headphones with some skepticism, but it turned out that all doubts were in vain.

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Emitter type Dynamic, 9 mm
Headphone weight 4.9 years
Connection Bluetooth 5.2
Supported codecs SBC, AAC
Noise suppression ANC
Moisture protection IPX4
Case battery 470 mAh

Appearance and configuration

Redmi Buds 3 Pro come in a cardboard box in the color of the headphones themselves. In our case, they are gray, but there is also a more boring version of black. Of the bonuses in the package, only a flat USB‑C to USB‑A cable and three pairs of silicone tips, also gray. Another pair is already put on the headphones themselves.

Photo: Victor Podvolotsky / Lifehacker

The Redmi Buds 3 Pro case is about the size of a slightly fattened tic-tac-toe box that still fits in a small jeans pocket where all sorts of useful little things are usually put. Externally, the case is very similar to pebbles — this analogy is enhanced by a matte, non-marking surface.

Photo: Victor Podvolotsky / Lifehacker

On the front of the case there is an LED indicator and a pairing button, and at the bottom there is a USB-C charging connector. The lid on top is securely fastened with magnets and closes with a characteristic click. It will not open under its own weight, even if the case is shaken.

Photo: Victor Podvolotsky / Lifehacker

The earbuds inside the case are also magnetized, and they are also made of matte plastic, with the exception of mother-of-pearl inserts on the outside. This detail is intended to add at least some zest to the extremely simple design, and, in our opinion, the idea worked as a whole. In the ears of Redmi Buds 3 Pro, they look original.

Photo: Victor Podvolotsky / Lifehacker

The ergonomic shape of the headphones provides a deep enough fit, so they do not stick out too much and do not attract too much attention. They also do not cause any discomfort when worn for a long time. The main thing is to choose the right tips with which the headphones will not fall out or press hard. We left the standard ones that were already worn.

The sound guide of the headphones is round, so if you wish, you can use any incomplete nozzles, including foam ones.

Photo: Victor Podvolotsky / Lifehacker

Connection and control

Headphones are connected via Bluetooth 5.2. In order to be detected from a smartphone or other device, you need to hold down a single button on the case.

You can connect Redmi Buds 3 Pro to two sources at once, such as a smartphone and a PC. In this way, you can listen to music from your mobile phone, and when you turn on YouTube on your computer, the sound will come from there. Another convenient scenario is to answer a call through the headphones when they are used with a laptop. This switch works almost without hesitation.

There is no mobile application for management, at least for the global market. If you have a modern Xiaomi smartphone, then when pairing, information about the charge level of the case and the headphones themselves may appear on the screen. But the firmware update or operation setup is not yet available.

Photo: Victor Podvolotsky / Lifehacker

Touch control. All actions are the same for the right and left headphones:

  • Double tapping on the outer surface starts or pauses the music and allows you to answer an incoming call.
  • A triple press ends or hangs up a call, and while listening to music, plays the next track.
  • Pinching turns on ANC or returns the transparency mode — each of them turns on with a certain sound signal.

Redmi Buds 3 Pro is equipped with optical sensors that allow you to pause music when you take out one of the earbuds. Insert it back — playback continues. It works quickly and accurately.

Noise reduction and noise reduction

The sound of the headphones does not produce a wow effect, but I do not want to scold the Redmi Buds 3 Pro at all. Given the price, the overall sound is not bad, it does not disappoint, and in some cases even a little pleased. This is especially true for tracks with an emphasis on the bottom: turn on Massive Attack, say me vs. me, turn up the volume — and shake your head involuntarily.

Also Redmi Buds 3 Pro does a great job with rap music and light alternative like Placebo or something more popular a la Rasmus or Roxette. Vocals in this genre are not lost on the background of instruments and sound quite natural. In rock music, the sound sometimes lacks volume, and the mids lack expressiveness, but in general everything is balanced, give or take. It’s rare when you want to find an equalizer and fix something.

The active noise cancellation system does not particularly affect the sound quality, but at the same time it is very successful at canceling out ambient sounds. During testing, ANC was able to be tested both on an airplane and on a train — in both cases, Redmi Buds 3 Pro performed at its best. In the car there was practically no noise of the train and the screams of children nearby, and in the cabin of the aircraft the sound of the engines was muffled by more than half.

Photo: Victor Podvolotsky / Lifehacker

To feel the noise canceling, we recommend turning it on without music. Just plug in your headphones and pinch the outer touch surface. Formally, only 35 dB is compensated here, but in many situations this can be enough to create silence, or at least come close to it. In general, the ANC has a clear similarity.

If two microphones on each earbud are responsible for noise reduction, then one is responsible for voice transmission during calls. And these mics don’t have perfect hearing. On the street, you will have to raise your voice a little so that the interlocutor can hear you. At the same time, the sound itself is a bit flat, although without excessive hiss.


The batteries in the headphones are 35 mAh, in the case, 470 mAh. We worked on a single charge of Redmi Buds 3 Pro for about four hours with ANC and almost six hours without noise cancellation. It is quite possible to count on the declared 18 and 28 hours, respectively, taking into account charging from the case and with a volume of no more than 50%.

Also, the advantages here include fast charging from the case. After about 15 minutes, the headphones are charged for three hours of music listening without noise cancellation. So even with intensive use during the day, there will be no particular problems with autonomy.

Photo: Victor Podvolotsky / Lifehacker

The case itself can be powered both via USB-C and wirelessly using Qi technology. Although the latter option will take much longer.


Xiaomi has always tried to offer devices with the best combination of performance quality, features and price. And in this regard, Redmi Buds 3 Pro turned out to be almost a benchmark. These headphones sound good, fit comfortably in your ears, and provide excellent noise cancellation. Add to this fast charging, Qi and the ability to connect to two devices at the same time — and the price of just under 4000 rubles starts to look as pleasant as possible.