In the future, Xiaomi fans will not be able to purchase Mi 12 or Mi Note 11 smartphones. Most recently, the company introduced the flagship Mix 4 — as it turned out, it was already deprived of the Mi prefix, and now the company has announced that the new models will be named according to an alternative scheme .

As the manufacturer’s representatives told the well-known XDA-Developers portal, the changes are permanent — potential buyers really will not see the new Xiaomi Mi 12 on sale either at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. Instead, the company will introduce Xiaomi 12.

This is a very significant change for the Xiaomi ecosystem, since Mi has been used since the company was born — the first smartphone was Mi 1, and even before that there was a software shell for Android MIUI. The Mi name has also been used for non-smartphone products, including tablets, wearables, laptops, and other electronics.

In the «home» Chinese market, some products have already gotten rid of the Mi branding, according to XDA, and it looks like a similar policy will apply globally.

At one time, one of the founders and head of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, said that Mi «advocates» the mobile Internet and Mission Impossible. Apparently, having taken first place in the ranking of the largest smartphone manufacturers, the manufacturer considered the mission accomplished. So far, there has been no official interpretation of the refusal of Xiaomi representatives from the Mi brand.