The popular Xiaomi Mi Band 6 fitness bracelet was introduced to the Chinese home market back in March, but the NFC version has not yet left China. However, the Mi Band 6 NFC is expected to arrive in Europe soon — this version of the bracelet has already been certified in Italy.

Xiaomi adheres to a phased tactic of releasing its fitness bracelets to the markets: first, the regular version goes on sale, and then after a while (in the case of Mi Band 4 NFC, after a year) — the top version with NFC support. So with Mi Band 6 the situation is repeated.

There is no timeline yet, but we can expect retail sales to start fairly soon after certification procedures are completed. Italy and Spain could be the first countries for Mi Band 6 NFC and others will follow. No pricing yet, but the Mi Band 6 NFC will be slightly more expensive than the regular fitness band version.