The Mi TV 5X is one of the products that Xiaomi will announce on Thursday at the Smarter Living 2022 event. Ahead of the release of the new smart TV, official social networks have released interesting features of the new device. The most interesting sound concerns sufficiently powerful speakers — usually manufacturers limit themselves to a simple solution with a power of no more than 10 watts, but that’s another story. In addition to great picture quality, the TV should also have great speakers — the published teaser shows that the Mi TV 5X will be equipped with 40W stereo speakers. This is enough to comfortably listen to music, watch movies or TV shows. It is worth recalling that Xiaomi previously announced that the TV will support Dolby Atmos technology, so the new TV should provide excellent sound quality when watching movies, documentaries and your favorite TV shows.

A Xiaomi spokesperson also tweeted that the speakers are also «the largest of any Mi TV». Although in reality this is not the case, since the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition boasts 100W speakers. However, the Mi TV 5X speakers are still more powerful than the 30W speakers inside the Mi QLED TV 75 that was recently officially unveiled. As far as we know, the Mi TV 5X will feature a bezel-less design, 4K display, Dolby Atmos, and will also work on Android TV out of the box. We do not know how much it will cost, but there is information that it will be an affordable solution.

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