Xiaomi has launched a new advertising campaign ahead of the presentation of the smartphone, which should become a «superstar» in the assortment of the Chinese manufacturer.

  1. What will be shown and when?
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What will be shown and when?

More precisely, Xiaomi itself calls the smartphone a superstar. A colorful poster was published on the Redmi India Twitter page, which, by the way, changed the username to a string of numbers and #ComingSoon (spoiler: the phrase «redmindia» is encrypted behind these numbers). What’s more, there are several hints of the smartphone’s specs in the image, including an increased screen scan rate and fast charging.

«67 73 53 11 61 67 71 2 61 23 67 5 47 41 23 43 17»

We can’t tell you what that means (yet), but here’s a hint!#AllRoundSuperstar is on the way and it will be the answer to everything

Until then, watch this space https://t.Co/kSm13clzeH

RT and comment below if you can decipher the pic.Twitter.Com/FQN1fmOvCD

— 61 11 7 41 23 23 43 7 23 2 — #The coming of the sun (@RedmiIndia) August 23, 2021

A new teaser of the smartphone and the Indian version of the Amazon store. Moreover, all gadget options are described with the prefix «super».

Insider Abhishek Yadav is sure that the «superstar» is Redmi 10 Prime. By the way, there are rumors that this will only be the Indian version of the recently introduced Redmi 10.

Redmi 10 prime fig.Twitter.Com/UlIDaGVLVT

  • Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd) August 23, 2021

In any case, we will find out all the details in the near future — the presentation will take place on September 3.

Source: Redmi, Abhishek Yadav

Do you know that

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