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Bad advice on refunding money for a ticket on the example of a city.Travel

It was necessary to fly to Sochi in September, and then return. From Sochi. Well, it’s a simple question. Aviasales, Skyscanner, there are many flights. I chose a convenient time and bought it on the first offer in the search results. I was too lazy to think, having decided that the direction was basic, internal and there could be no problems. I bought it in City.Travel.

The Yamal airline was supposed to perform a return flight to Moscow, but changed its mind (which, in principle, is clear where Moscow is and where Yamal is).

So, and now, how to do it so as not to return the money:

  1. Of course, it is necessary to notify the client by letter of cancellation. But, of course, you should not use the algorithm of actions to return. Let him take care of everything. Well, at worst, you can leave a support phone number.
  2. After 27 minutes of waiting, the woman at customer service should say «request a refund in the order comments» and hang up.
  3. A good idea is that when a visitor goes to the «Orders» section in their personal account, they see empty fields, as if they did not buy anything. For him, this is a great opportunity to show ingenuity and brain work: you need to remember either the booking number or the date when the ticket was purchased.

  1. If the client still insists on a refund, then it is necessary to cool the hasty ardor by stating that the refund will be made within 60 working days. And it doesn’t matter that the Yamal airline itself has a period of 3 to 30 working days. Suddenly, after 60 days, the client himself will forget about all this disgrace.

  1. Any indignation should be stopped by referring to the «User Agreement», where in clause 7.3.3. And in general it is written: «The standard period for the transfer of funds is about 60 business days after written confirmation of the return, while the maximum possible period is not regulated.»

  2. Well, if you still have complaints, then send them to Indigo Icon Tower, JLT, Dubai, USA.

The situation is more amusing, because the amount is less than 7 thousand rubles. I will observe and count the days, the maximum number of which is not regulated.

One ticket was bought in the city. Travel, and for the girl bought at the SuperCash. Tickets were bought in different places, since the second ticket was taken later, but the principle is the same: the first result when choosing «Aviasales» on the desired date. For comparison, «Superkass» has a fully prescribed algorithm of actions, terms (up to 30 days) and the possibility of an emergency return through the cash desk at Pulkovo Airport are indicated for some reason. And the money was returned 5 days after the return request.

Two services, two different approaches.

The moral is simple. All ticket sellers are about the same when everything is in order. And when buying a ticket for a simple flight, you can be calm. However, if there is even the slightest risk of a flight cancellation (and in turbulent times it is always present), then it is worth paying attention to. Previously, I meticulously studied sites only when buying expensive tickets. The main flights, such as Moscow-Peter, were taken without looking. Now I’ll be more careful. And I advise you.

While Googled about the city. While traveling, I found that the boss recently told a similar story, but they were trying to return 70 thousand rubles. I forgot.

It is a pity that on the same «Aviasales» it is impossible to add sellers to the «black list» in the settings. Another solution to the problem is the user’s rating, as when booking a hotel. Because there are a lot of ticket sellers and remembering them all is not an easy task.

Under Screen Camera: Xiaomi MIX 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

balance of power

Since 2019, I have enjoyed watching the development of the crisis at Samsung.

I remember that the second issue of Echo was about the fact that Samsung is a manufacturer of components, not smartphones. I have updated the schedule from this release. As you can see, the overall profit correlates quite clearly with the profit from the sale of semiconductors and screens. After all, the production of semiconductors (mainly memory) and screens brings the company 65% ​​of the profit.

So as a hardware manufacturer, Samsung is good and successful, but smartphones have long been in the corridor from 2 to 4 trillion Korean won. At the same time, there is a steady decline in units, accelerated by the pandemic. However, the example of Apple shows that it is possible to conduct successful sales even in times of crisis. But even before the coronavirus, I began to wonder if Samsung was okay and if the market leader would change in 2021.

The market leader has really changed. BBK Electronics, leaning against the crowd of its brands, took first place (mainly due to sales in China). And Xiaomi representatives happily send out the news that the company took first place in European shipments in the second quarter. This is already better, but deliveries are not equal to sales (but sellers will not allow themselves to be «overstocked» with illiquid assets).

For Samsung, the main market is the United States, where the company is threatened only by Apple. Chinese manufacturers do not risk going there (there are a few exceptions). But the precedent in Europe with Xiaomi is curious. Although that doesn’t mean anything yet.

However, I hope you get the idea that Samsung is under siege on all fronts in the mobile segment and the company is fighting aggressively. So any error can come back.

Under-screen camera as a new Wi-Fi driver for sales growth

There are few things that can push the modern buyer to upgrade their smartphone or laptop. Just some radical changes. 5G and new design in iPhone, M1 chipset in Apple laptops, in-screen camera in Android.

In my opinion, screens with cutouts and holes for front cameras were the innovation that caused the most information noise. Many people spat and resented, so theoretically the under-screen camera (+5G) for buyers can be an important factor that will push them to upgrade.

The first camera under the screen was shown by ZTE, which everyone immediately forgot about (because ZTE). Oppo then revealed her own version. It was a prototype, not a commercial phone (it didn’t even go on sale?). And now, with a difference of a few days, Samsung and Xiaomi have introduced fully commercial products that were already in the public domain. And then an incredible thing happened!

Samsung, the screen champion of the world, in its best ultra-premium solution lost in the visual component of the camera under the Xiaomi screen. MIX 4, by the way, also costs 3 times less than 3 times (600 versus 1,800 euros).

Why is there such a difference? At the presentation, Xiaomi indicated that the CUP AMOLED panel was made using the new Diamond Pixel reduced point technology, thanks to which it was possible to achieve a dot density of 400 ppi. CUP, by the way, means Chamber under the panel (chamber under the panel). At the presentation, they said that this is the third generation of technology.

In turn, the solution from Samsung has a density of 200 ppi. Against the background of the rest of the 374 ppi screen, the ripples above the camera are clearly visible.

Xiaomi leader Lei Jun gestures to show how Xiaomi overtook Samsung.

To be honest, before the presentation of the Galaxy Fold 3, I was absolutely sure that Xiaomi bought the screens from Samsung and held the presentation a little earlier intentionally in order to snatch at least a little fame and attention.

However, Xiaomi used a solution from a domestic manufacturer, Huaxing optoelectronic technology. I think that for most this name means nothing, although Xiaomi regularly buys screens (for example, for Mi 10). The company also has another name, TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co, that is, it is a structure that is part of TCL.
As a result, we get the situation that Samsung lost this round of technologies in its own field. Perhaps Samsung did not expect such a hype from competitors, deciding that this year they can release it like this, collecting profit from geeks. And next year we will show a solution that everyone will admire. But it’s entirely possible that Samsung lacked, shall we say, innovation.

This story is indicative. Samsung begins to fall, losing to Chinese competitors. First they beat Chaebol in terms of money, offering cheaper models, and now in technological terms (and even in the field of screens!).

Steve Jobs gave IBM the middle finger. Here the situation is similar. Xiaomi gave Samsung the middle finger. You don’t need to know Samsung to think the company will tolerate this. We, as consumers, are only happy about all this. We are waiting for a bright answer!
Finally, it is worth paying attention to Oppo, which on August 4 showed its prototype model with an under-screen camera. And here the screens were not bought from Samsung. The supplier is Beijing Oriental, better known in the world as BOE Technology Group. That is, in China there are already two companies that have mastered the technology better than Samsung.

Arc from Intel

Intel introduced the Intel Arc (Arc-arc) high-performance graphics brand. Graphics designed specifically for gamers. It will go on sale in the 1st quarter of 2022, but for now the company offers to buy T-shirts. T-shirts? Yes, t-shirts!

There is very little information. Formally, the Intel Arc is a discrete graphics card with performance that is about the same as the RTX 3070. Only the size of this discrete solution is unclear. Judging by the promo images, it may seem that the size is similar to the size of the processor.

About performance so far, too, silence. There is only a very poor resolution video cut where you can’t see the graphics but can only read the captions. For example, they promise that Forza Horizon 4 can be played well, and ray tracing will appear in Metro Exodus.

We have already talked about Intel more than once and analyzed the exit paths (contract manufacturing in their factories, active investment in R&D and outsourcing the production of some of their processors).

The company decided to do all this and more. Intel is in a difficult position, but it is actively fighting. So, it was recently announced that Intel will release chipsets for Qualcomm and Amazon (for data centers). This is great news for Intel, which will be able to load capacity, and for Qualcomm, since the high quality of Intel’s factories is well known.

Now the company has decided to enter the gaming market even more actively. Without details and an understanding of what exactly a laptop with Intel Arc graphics will be, it is difficult to draw conclusions. But in any case, a laptop with an Intel processor and graphics should get the bonus of improved power optimization compared to its Intel/Nvidia counterparts.

Instead of a conclusion: Rumors about Apple

As you remember, many smartphone manufacturers have turned their eyes towards electric vehicles. And this is quite understandable. An electric car is easier to assemble, easier to standardize. Probably, some smartphone manufacturers look at the electric car as a smartphone, but with wheels (although, in general, this is true!). So in the future we are waiting for a decrease in car prices and a different logic for buying them in general.

Last week, Apple met with SK Innovation, LG Electronics and Magna International. All three companies are engaged in electric transport. SK Innovation makes batteries, while LG and Magna make chassis. But given Apple’s speed, it’s unlikely we’ll see an iCar any sooner than 2027-2030. And, probably, it will be a very expensive car. Possibly without a steering wheel and seats included (because it’s more environmentally friendly and all car owners already have a steering wheel and seats)