Since the release of the MIUI 12 skin for Android, Xiaomi has been in the shadow of its former self. The release was not particularly successful, so the developer had to create a Xiaomi Pioneer Team to deal directly with customer complaints. Now, many of the volunteers involved in improving MIUI have been suddenly suspended from work, sparking a wave of anger in the fan community.

Xiaomi has traditionally been recruiting volunteers for internal testing for several years — they receive a «raw» version of MIUI. At the same time, users apply to participate in the program and must meet certain eligibility criteria provided by Xiaomi. Suddenly, some fans found out that they had been expelled from the team.

Feedback on the forums clearly shows that many members of the Mi fan community received messages from the company informing them that they did not pass the required tests and were therefore disqualified. At the same time, users complain that they passed all the tests and, nevertheless, they were excluded.

The actions of the internal testing team angered the fan community, especially people from among those who actually worked for the company for free for several years and suddenly received a «farewell letter». However, the MIUI team has so far refrained from making any comments.

It is possible that the mass exceptions were the result of a test program failure. In addition, at the end of May this year, fans of the company from among the users of Xiaomi, POCO and Redmi signed a petition calling on the manufacturer to equally responsibly treat MIUI released for China and global versions. The signatories believe that the latter are issued with great delays, of much worse quality, and information support outside the PRC as a whole leaves much to be desired. It would be interesting to compare the names of the speakers with the address to the company and its volunteer testers. It is possible that the manufacturer simply punished the dissatisfied in this way.