Hint on Mi 12 charging speed?

Xiaomi has launched a new 100W vertical wireless charging pad. This is an improved version of the existing 80W model, which differs only in color: the novelty is black and gold, instead of white and silver.

80W Wireless Charger Stand (Left) and 100W Wireless Charger Stand (Right) / Xiaomi

Inside, they are also almost identical: both support Qi charging, have a cooler (it turns on only when needed), and come with a 120W power adapter. There is also protection against overcurrent, voltage, overheating, electrostatic voltage and foreign objects.


Sales in China will begin on August 16 at a price of 599 yuan (6790 rubles). For comparison, an 80-watt model on AliExpress now costs less than 4800 rubles.


Considering that the fastest wireless charging in the brand’s smartphones reaches 67W (in Mi 11 Ultra and Mi 11 Pro), the previous generation of the stand should be more than enough for fast and wireless charging of the smartphone. But it could also indicate that Xiaomi is preparing to release a smartphone with even more powerful wireless charging – which this stand is suitable for.