A little less than a week ago, Xiaomi officially announced the new flagship smartphone Mi Mix 4. As it became known, the manufacturer received instructions from the Chinese government department to remove the phone finder function for this model.

Source: scmp.com

The South China Morning Post reported that three days after the announcement, Xiaomi was instructed to get rid of the phone search feature. The problem is that its implementation does not meet the new requirements to protect user privacy, and Xiaomi does not have regulatory approval for its implementation. The manufacturer confirmed on the Weibo social network that Mi Mix 4 will not have this feature, although it was described in detail during the announcement and was one of the pride of the company representatives.

The Mi Mix 4 supports eSIM, so in case of theft, the smartphone remains connected to the Internet, regardless of the efforts of intruders. The updated security system, as an additional measure, theoretically allows the user to prohibit the connection of any other SIM cards without additional permission. During the announcement on Tuesday, the head of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, specifically noted that when developing Mi Mix 4, the company paid special attention to the issue of privacy, this is one of the priorities for the manufacturer.

Chinese telcos and regulators are ambivalent about eSIM technology. In some cases, virtual SIM cards are available to Chinese consumers without any problems, while in others their use is not possible, primarily for large cities. In addition, official Beijing is now pursuing a policy of strict regulation of the technology sector, seeking to weaken the influence of the largest players. Antitrust measures are in place, as well as the imposition of strict rules regarding user privacy, data processing and cybersecurity.