Immediately after the premiere of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, it became clear that it would be difficult to buy a smartphone. According to pre-orders, the novelty was dismantled in a few minutes. High demand isn’t the flagship’s only problem.

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What happened?

The situation around Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 was commented by Liu Weibing, one of the vice presidents of the company. The top manager said that two components are missing for the smooth production of smartphones.

First, Xiaomi is experiencing a severe shortage of Snapdragon 888+ single-chip processors. Secondly, the company does not have enough ceramic back panels. Liu Weibing also stressed that one ceramic background costs an average of five times more than a glass cover.

When the manufacturer will be able to solve this problem, the manager did not specify. But he promised that Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will go on sale on August 16th.

Source: MyDrivers

Do you know that

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