According to the source, the number of people who want to buy Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is on JD.Com alone, it has exceeded the half-million mark. To be more precise, there are already more than 525,000 people in line for a smartphone.

JD.Com is the largest trading platform in China, but not the only one with the Mi Mix 4, so the actual volume of pre-orders is clearly higher. Apparently, many people really liked this model — the first from Xiaomi with an invisible front camera. Earlier, the head of Xiaomi China Group apologized for the lack of Mi Mix 4 in China. The new batch will go on sale on August 16, but it is already clear that demand will not be fully satisfied for a long time. The company points out that the shortage of Mi Mix 4 is due to the lack of two components: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus single-chip systems and ceramic cases.