The Chinese company Xiaomi, according to Internet sources, is studying the possibility of releasing a new wearable device. The description of the gadget is given in a recently published patent document.

The application for registration of the invention was submitted on behalf of the Beijing company Xiaomi Mobile Software Co. The document is called «Smart glasses and glasses case».

Xiaomi is thinking about glasses with therapeutic functions. It is assumed that the device will be able to generate sound signals, electromagnetic waves, as well as light radiation (ultraviolet, infrared and/or visible).

According to the developers, the gadget will help in the treatment of various disorders and mental illnesses. These can be, for example, headaches, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc. In addition, glasses will help relieve eye strain after long hours of work at the computer.

Judging by the patent illustration, the device will look like ordinary glasses. It is said that there are different emitters for generating signals of one type or another. Power will be provided by a built-in battery.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when such a gadget may appear on the commercial market.